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The following are the instruments of Sumitomolife Izumi Hall.
The merit of our pipe organ is its bright, soft sound.
It was produced by Koenig Company (France).

Stop (knob): 46
Manual organ: 4 steps
Combination stop and others
Expression pedal
Pedal: 1 step
Height: 10m
Width: 8.6m
Number of pipes: 3,623

Our harpsichord is the French double
manual type and the distinguishing
characteristic is its graceful sound.
It was produced by Atelier von Nagel
Two-step keyboard: 61 keys

The pianoforte (classical piano) of Sumitomolife Izumi Hall is an exquisite instrument, highly praised by authorities worldwide.
It was produced by the manufacturer, Nanette Streicher, contemporary with Beethoven (1820’s).

Number of the keys:73
Range:six octaves F1-f4
Length:2m30cm long,1m26cm wide.

Steinway (Germany)…Full-concert D-274type (two pianos)
Matsuo gakki shokai
Boesendorfer (Austria)…”Imperial” concert piano, grand 290 type
YAMAHA (Japan)…Full concert CFⅢS type

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