Membership Agreement

Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Friends
Membership Agreement

Article 1: Membership

  1. (1) Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Friends members (hereinafter referred to as “Member” or “Members”) refer to those who have agreed to this Agreement, completed the application form provided by Sumitomolife Izumi Hall (hereinafter referred to as “Hall”) or the application page online, and have been approved by the Hall.

Article 2: Membership Card

  1. (1) The Hall shall provide Members with a Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Friends Card (hereinafter referred to as “Card”), which the Hall shall issue as a membership card.
  2. (2) The Card shall be used only by the Member and shall not be transferred or lent to any other person.
  3. (3) Membership rights shall not be transferred to any other person.
  4. (4) Members are required to present their Cards when receiving services. When making a ticket reservation by telephone, however, confirmation of the Member’s number, name, and telephone number shall be considered acceptable in lieu of the presentation of the Card.

Article 3: Membership Term and Renewal

  1. (1) The membership term shall be from the month of enrollment (the month in which membership registration is completed. The same shall apply hereinafter.) to the end of the same month of the following year.
  2. (2) The membership term shall be renewed for one year when the annual membership fee is paid in the manner specified in Article 5, and the same shall apply thereafter. In case the payment method specified in Article 5.1.1 has been selected and the Member does not intend to renew the membership, the Members shall return the Card to the Hall within the period specified in the notice of expiration of the membership term. If the Member returns the Card within the expiration month of the membership term, but after the specified period has passed, the membership will be renewed and the annual membership fee will not be refunded.

Article 4: Membership Fee

  1. (1) Members shall pay the prescribed annual membership fee to the Hall by the separately determined date in the manner provided in Article 5.1.
  2. (2) Annual membership fees are not refundable for any reason.
  3. (3) Annual membership fee is subject to change. In such case, the Members shall be notified.

Article 5: Payments of Annual Membership Fee and Ticket Purchase Price, Etc.

  1. (1) Payments for annual membership fee, ticket purchase price, etc. shall be made as one-time payments by either of the following methods.
    1. (i) Bank transaction
      Payment by direct withdrawal from the Member’s specified account.
      (For ticket purchase price, etc., the closing date is the end of each month, and the withdrawal date is the 27th of the following month; however, if a financial institution is closed on a holiday, the withdrawal date will be the next business day.)
    2. (ii) Payments by cash, postal payment, or payment at a convenience store
      Payment by cash, payment to a postal transfer account designated by the Hall, or payment at a convenience store (by a date to be notified in advance by Izumi Hall).
    3. (iii) Payment by credit card
  2. (2) If you purchase tickets at the Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Ticket Center counter or in the Hall lobby without presenting your Card, no refunds will be issued even if it is later determined that you are a Member.
  3. (3) If automatic withdrawal from your account is not completed consecutively, you may be asked to change your payment method.

Article 6: Membership Services

  1. (1) Members may reserve tickets for concerts hosted by the Hall on a priority basis as separately specified and purchase them at a 10% discount prior to the date on which tickets go on sale to the public. This service is available upon confirmation of membership at the time of ticket purchase.
  2. (2) Members shall be entitled to receive Member services as separately determined by the Hall in specified manners.
  3. (3) Membership services are subject to change or suspension without notice.

Article 7: Loss or Theft of Card

  1. (1) Members shall promptly report the loss or theft of the Card to the Hall. In such a case, a new Card will be issued, but a fee will be charged. (Membership and membership term will not be changed.)
  2. (2) The Hall shall not be liable for any unauthorized use of the Card by others or damage due to loss, theft, or any other reason incurred by the Member.

Article 8: Change in Registered Information

  1. (1) Members shall notify the Hall of any change in name, address, account, or any other information registered at the time of enrollment.
  2. (2) If any notice from the Hall or any document or other item sent by the Hall is delayed or undelivered because of the failure to notify the Hall in accordance with the preceding paragraph, they shall be deemed to have been delivered when they should normally have been delivered.

Article 9: Cancellation of Membership

  1. (1) Members may cancel their membership in Sumitomolife Izumi Hall Friends at any time. In such case, the Member shall notify the Hall, complete the repayment of all obligations, and destroy the provided Card at the end of the membership term at the Member’s own responsibility. The annual membership fee shall not be refunded even in the middle of the membership term. Unless otherwise notified, the information magazine, concert schedule, and other mailings for Members will be sent until the expiration date of the membership term.
  2. (2) Should any of the following be the case, the Member shall be disqualified from membership and their membership shall be terminated.
    1. (i) If the Member fails to pay the annual membership fee, ticket purchase price, etc. as specified in this agreement.
    2. (ii) If no notice is submitted as specified in the preceding article, and six months or more have passed while the Member’s address remains unknown (e.g., mail is returned), and the due date for the annual membership fee has come.
    3. (iii) In the event that the Member violates this agreement.
    4. (iv) If the Hall determines that the Member is ineligible for membership.
  3. (3) Even if the Member loses their membership in accordance with the preceding paragraph, the Member shall not be discharged from their obligations to the Hall.

Article 10: Privacy Policy

  1. (1) For the purposes specified in the following items, the Hall shall collect Members’ personal information (as stipulated in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information; the same shall apply hereinafter). The Hall will not use any personal information of Members other than for the purposes specified in this section.
    1. (i) Sending of notices such as concert information, priority sale information, concert schedules, etc.
    2. (ii) Administrative billing processing for annual membership fees
    3. (iii) Billing and ticket delivery for ticket orders
  2. (2) The Hall shall securely maintain and manage the personal information of its Members and shall not provide personal information to any third party without the consent of the Members or an authorized representative. For the purposes specified in the preceding paragraph, however, the personal information of Members may be disclosed to subcontractors. In such cases, the Hall shall enter into a contract including a nondisclosure clause before outsourcing the work and shall manage the personal information appropriately.
  3. (3) Members may request the Hall to disclose, correct, or delete their personal information. In such case, the Hall will promptly respond to the request after confirming that the request has been made by the relevant individual.

Article 11: Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces Such as Organized Crime Groups

Individuals who are part of anti-social forces, such as members of organized crime groups or persons related to such, or who cooperate or participate in the maintenance and operation of anti-social forces when supplying funds, etc., or providing favors to anti-social forces, are ineligible for membership.

Article 12: Modification of the Agreement

The Hall may modify this Agreement at any time. In such case, the Hall shall promptly notify the Members of the modifications.

Article 13: Agreed Jurisdictional Court

If any lawsuit is inevitably called for between a Member and the Hall, the Osaka District Court or Osaka Summary Court shall be the agreed jurisdictional court.

Article 14: Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan.

Supplementary Provisions: This Agreement is effective as of June 1, 2021.