• 2F

    HallFacilities Information

    いずみホール案内図 2F
  • 3F

    HallFacilities Information

    いずみホール案内図 3F

    Seating Capacity

    • First Floor
      713 Seats
    • Second Floor(Balcony)
      108 Seats
    • Total
      821 Seats

Facility Information

  • Main entrance

    The main entrance is located on the Plaza Deck that connects to the adjacent Hotel New Otani Osaka and surrounding buildings on the second floor. Please use the stairs or elevator.
    There is an open space on the Deck with benches.
    As you face the main entrance, the Ticket Center counter is on the left.

  • Ticket Center

    The Ticket Center sells tickets for concerts held at Sumitomolife Izumi Hall.
    Tickets can be purchased at the counter, by phone, or online.

  • Entrance

    Receptionists will greet you at the entrance to ensure that you can fully enjoy the concerts.
    We can hold your baggage, give you a tour of the Hall, and answer any questions you may have.

  • Cloakroom

    We will take care of your baggage and outerwear so you can relax and enjoy the concert.
    Please feel free to use the cloakroom (we cannot accept valuables or fragile items).
    An umbrella stand is available for long umbrellas.

  • Wien Shop

    The Wien Shop carries a wide variety of goods directly imported from Vienna, including original goods from the Musikverein and the Vienna State Opera, Petit Point, and accessories with musical motifs made of Swarovski crystals.
    The shop also sells a wide range of classical CDs and some popular items that are only available here.
    (Operated by Wien Co., Ltd.)

  • Lobby

    The lobby is compact yet elegant.
    Windows and mirrors cover the walls to create an expansive feeling of space, and the European-style interior gives the room a sense of elegance.
    This space includes a bar corner where you can socialize and relax.
    We hope you will have a pleasant time.

  • Bar corner

    The bar corner serves beverages such as coffee and wine, and snacks such as sandwiches, baked goods, and nuts.
    You can enjoy moment to socialize and refresh yourself during the interval.
    (Operated by DYNAC CORPORATION)

  • Hall chandelier

    Eight gorgeously shining chandeliers greet you as you enter the Hall's auditorium. They were designed by lighting designer Motoko Ishii on the theme of “symphony.” They are designed to diffuse and enrich sound while also accentuating flourishes.